Our Service's

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a common Pool of money into which investors Place/invest their contributions that are to be invested in both money market and Capital Market i.e different types of securities in accordance with the stated objectives. We will be focused on our investor not only sect can beat inflation but who can accumulate wealth over the long-run.

Corporate Advisory​

Corporate and structuring service Provide valuable insights into re-structuring options for the business excluding  to exhence stakeholders value within the organizations.

Institutional portfolio Management

We will Provide our Portfolio Management Service which are risky customer to cater to needs of corporate clients to achieve their ultimate investment goals. We manage the Portfolio through expertise based on the clients horizon and risk taking capacity.

Background : (PLIAML) PLI Asset Management Limited is a Subsidiary of reputed Popular Life Insurance Company Limited. As part of its commitment towards the development of CAPITAL MARKET OPERATION in Bangladesh. PLICL has taken the initiative to expand its operation in the segment of Mutual Fund Management through it subsidiary, PLI Asset Management Ltd. (PLIAML) which duly registered with RJSC of February 19, 2019 and obtained necessary approval from IDRA. PLIAML awarded the Asset Management License from BSEC on June 03, 2021